“Halo” Series Is Still “Alive” Says Xbox Chief

Around three years ago when the Xbox One was being promoted ahead of its release, Microsoft was promising to make the push into original programming. It was understandable as many others at the time, including rival Sony Playstation, saw gold in those streaming video hills and were keen to exploit it.

Cut to now. The Xbox Entertainment Studios division folded in 2014 and ultimately produced only two documentaries, a web series, and a pageant special. It originally was going to produce the sci-fi series “Humans” but handed over the reins of it to AMC before it began production. That left two previously announced major projects floating adrift, neither of which have had any movement since.

One was “Blake’s 7,” the remake of the iconic British 1970s sci-fi TV series about a small group of rebels, each with dubious motives and shady backgrounds, fighting against a totalitarian galactic federation. It’s a premise that has since been exploited in various other sci-fi fare from “Farscape” to “Firefly” to the upcoming “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.

The other though was to be their flagship effort – a TV series adaptation of the “Halo” franchise. The game series has since had an entry, “Halo 5: Guardians,” which launched last October to big success. Yet attempts to first make a film adaptation and then a TV adaptation have always stumbled.

It has been a good while since we’ve heard about any progress on the “Halo” series front, long enough there’s brewing questions as to whether the project is still active. Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, has revealed the state of the “Halo” TV show development today with just a one word tweeted response: “Alive.”

The game series follows an intergalactic war between humanity and a group of aliens known as the Covenant and you played Master Chief, one of the last remaining subjects of a super soldier program who sets out to end the war for good.

The next game in the series, the strategy game “Halo Wars 2,” is due out February 2017.