Halloween Returns As A Limited Series?

With Dimension Films having lost the “Halloween” franchise rights, where does the pale faced Michael Myers go next? To television it seems.

Fangoria has posted a new rumor which suggests a potential “Halloween” limited event series is in early development as producer Malek Akkad and new rights holders Trancas International Pictures try to work out how best to exploit the property which has stumbled in its last few cinematic outings.

At last report the plan was for a micro-budget, day-and-date “Halloween” film – but that may give way to a TV series with cinematic production values and a strict few season commitment (no more than 3-5 seasons even if a success) following the property being a no show at the recently wrapped European Film Market.

It’s not the first franchise to do this – last year MTV rebooted “Scream” as a series, Starz continued “Evil Dead” in small screen form, and The CW is currently developing a “Friday the 13th” TV series. The site also confirms that a small screen reboot would be an easy way to reset the film series’ complicated chronology – wiping away both the original eight films and Rob Zombie’s rebooted two films.

Source: Bloody Disgusting