“Halloween Kills” Filming & Score Updates

Halloween Kills Filming Score Updates

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Entertainment surprised people last month with the announcement of not one but two sequels to last year’s well-received “Halloween” revival. “Halloween Kills” has already been set for an October 16th 2020 release and “Halloween Ends” will hit October 15th 2021.

Now some more information about how these will work has been revealed. Many had speculated the films would be shot back-to-back but it turns out that’s not the case. Speaking with Polygon this week, co-writer Danny McBride confirms that like the film’s releases, the shoots will be spaced a year apart:

“Halloween 2 starts filming in like three weeks. That’s already off to the races. The script is almost finished for the third one. Hopefully that’ll go at the same time next year.”

Also this week, the original film’s director John Carpenter has confirmed he’s returning to do the score for both films after providing one for last year’s revival. Speaking with ComicBook.com about his experience doing the music for the 2018 film, he says:

“I loved it, It was a lot of fun. And I’ll do the score, do a new score. That’s always fun… I’m on board. Let’s go. Everybody, after Halloween (2018) was a big hit, everybody said, ‘Oh, let’s do it again,’ So it was easy.”

He was then asked if they had to pitch the sequels this time around to him, he says it was unnecessary: “Oh, hell no. I’m aboard. I’m ready, I love the experience.”

David Gordon Green will direct both ‘Kills’ and ‘Ends’, and both Green and McBride will co-write both scripts. Scott Teem worked with the pair on ‘Kills’ while Paul Brad Logan and Chris Bernier are joining them for ‘Ends’.