Halloween Gets A Complete Blu-ray Boxset

Having resolved years of disputes over rights, Anchor Bay and Scream Factory are teaming up for the release of “Halloween: The Complete Collection” on Blu-ray September 23rd.

Available in ten and fifteen-disc sets, both editions include all ten films in the slasher franchise including the first six films, “Halloween: H20,” “Halloween: Resurrection” and the two Rob Zombie “Halloween” films.

The bigger set also includes the never before released producers cut of the sixth film “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers”, the ultra-rare network TV version of the original “Halloween,” the network TV version of “Halloween II,” plus the unrated versions of “Rob Zombie’s Halloween” and “Halloween II”.

There’s also both versions of the original “Halloween” – the original Blu-ray release and the recently remastered 35th Anniversary version – with the option of the original mono track on both.

Each set also contains hours of brand new bonus features and interviews.

Source: Anchor Bay Entertainment