Haley In “Lantern,” De Niro In “Thor”?

AICN is flowing over with superhero rumors this weekend. First up Jackie Earle Haley is rumored to play the villain Sinestro in the upcoming “Green Lantern” film according to one of their sources.

Ryan Reynolds plays the titular intergalactic superhero in the DC Comics adaptation which “Casino Royale” director Martin Campbell is helming.

Much like Marvel did with “Iron Man”/”Hulk”, there could be a DC cameo crossover with Superman making an appearance in “Lantern” says the source.

Meanwhile the German edition of GQ magazine did an interview with “Valkyrie” actor Matthias Schweighofer who revealed that he’s in the running for Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”.

No big deal right? Well the actor also apparently says that Jude Law and Robert De Niro have also joined the cast of that comic book adaptation which stars Aussie hunk Chris Hemsworth (“Star Trek,” “A Perfect Getaway”) as the Norse God.

One person who’ll also be in “Thor” is comic creator Stan Lee who tells Collider that Branagh has promised him a cameo. Lee also confirmed he will cameo as Larry King in “Iron Man 2”.