Haley Atwell On An “Agent Carter” Series

A few weeks ago Marvel Studios was said to be seriously considering an “Agent Carter” TV series about the adventures of Peggy Carter (Haley Atwell) post-“Captain America”.

Now, Atwell herself has finally commented on the idea, and is understandably excited about it. She tells Digital Spy:

“I read about that too. The one-shot was so successful, the fanbase were like, ‘We want more of Peggy!.’ I think Marvel probably take that very seriously, and it’s certainly something I would be a part of doing. I’d be interested to show different sides of Peggy.

Although she’s kick-ass, and she can be aggressive and she can be just as competent as the men, it’d be nice to show that she’s a feminist in a way. It’s not just about her being aggressive and as aggressive as the men in those action sequences, but being able to be a little bit more rounded as a person.

I think she could be a great role model and a great member of the Marvel Universe. I love the Marvel lot, they’re really great people to work with, so it would be nice to go back and work with them again. I’d definitely do it.”