Hail Caesar Scores Song Clip, Strong Reviews

Two new clips have been posted from the Coen Brothers’ upcoming “Hail, Caesar!” opening this Friday, the first is an actual clip and the second a TV spot showing off some of Channing Tatum’s 1950s-style musical number in the film. The song, “No Dames,” has a bunch of sailors singing wistfully about the lack of women at sea – and plays up the homoerotic undertones without ticking over into crassness.

In the film itself, Josh Brolin plays a studio fixer who solves problems for the biggest Hollywood stars and studios. When movie legend Baird Whitlock (George Clooney) is kidnapped, he is tasked with collecting the actor’s $100,000 ransom and securing his rescue.

The clips come as the first reviews have gone online and are essentially unanimous raves.Variety says “it’s as strange and singular an offering as anything the Coens have ever done”.Indiewire says it is a “genuinely entertaining commentary on the insular universe of the studio system”. Finally, The Wrap calls it a “bright and goofy valentine to a bygone age of moviemaking”.