Haggis Talks Bond 22 Details

At the Los Angeles Film Festival last week, writer Paul Haggis was on hand and talked with MI6 about his work on the upcoming twenty-second James Bond film.

Whilst “Casino Royale” was written by regular Bond scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, Oscar-winning “Crash” writer/director Haggis was brought in to do an extensive polish on the film – most notable in the dialogue and certain action sequences like the stairwell attack.

Not wanting to mess up a winning formula, the same scenario is happening again with this 007 adventure. Purvis and Wade handed in their draft of the script a while back, and Haggis will spend much of the remainder of this year fixing it up before filming begins in January.

Haggis briefly talked about being offered the job of helming the film – “There are certain things you can write and there are certain things you can direct. I just felt that it takes a big commitment to direct a Bond film. It’s a 120 day shoot. It’s a two year commitment basically to do it. If you do that on top of writing, it’s almost a three year commitment. So I just didn’t want to dedicate that much time. It’s going to take me six months to get the script into shape as it is. I think I’ll do that and then I’ll go off into the next project.”

Said to be a ‘direct continuation’ of Casino Royale, Haggis somewhat pushes that talk away – “I wouldn’t describe it as such. I think it’s going to stand on its own although it does follow right on the heels of Casino Royale” he says. He also confirms he’s “got a couple of those planned” – referring to small action scenes like the stairwell fight.

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