Haggis On Bond 22 Script

At the press junket this past weekend for “In the Valley of Elah,” Oscar winning “Crash” filmmaker Paul Haggis was out doing promotions and naturally talk turned toward the next James Bond film.

The polish that Haggis did to the “Casino Royale” script is one factor many say that helped the 007 reboot hit so big. Naturally he was hired back for the next one and has already said he’ll be spending much of the next few months shaping it up before the film’s December start of shooting.

During interviews, Haggis confirms that the project is “an original and it’s not based on any book or short story or anything that Ian Fleming had done. Although it is based on Ian Fleming ideas.” He also confirms that he’s presently on ‘Page 22’ of the re-write and that the talk of Carice van Houten being the next Bond girl is false – “she’s not going to be in this one.”

The action begins “right after the last one, two minutes after Casino Royale this movie starts” and thankfully Haggis shoots down the quote about the proucers wanting this one to be more of a comedy – “That’s not true. They were misquoted I’m sure.”

In other Bond news, the ‘Ultimate Edition’ DVD of last year’s “Casino Royale” is in the works at last. The three-disc set will include almost all of the deleted scenes cut out from the film and will be released mid-late 2008. No word as yet on any potential Blu-ray release of the twenty pre-Daniel Craig Bond films.