Haggis Back For Bond 22 Script

Despite the last three James Bond films being penned by Neal Purvis & Robert Wade, “Casino Royale” encompassed several key differences to the critically less well-received “The World is Not Enough” and near unanimously dismissed “Die Another Day.”

Aside from the obvious reset and relaunch of the franchise, and basing the script on one of the original Fleming works, one key difference was that “Crash” writer/director Paul Haggis came in and did a polish of the script. His draft had enough changes though to earn him a WGA credit on the last film.

With Purvis & Wade having finished their draft of “Bond 22” last month and now off working on Robert Rodriguez’s “Barbarella,” The LA Times reports that Haggis is set to return in the same capacity as last time. Currently in the editing room finishing up “In the Valley of Elah” due in cinemas in September, the in-demand writer/director is expected to deliver his draft of the script later this year.

Production on “Bond 22” is scheduled to begin in January to arrive in time for its November 7th 2008 release. Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench will reprise their roles, as will Giancarlo Giannini who’s confirmed to be returning as the potentially treacherous Matthis.