“Hacksaw” Producers Plan “Broken Arrow”

Hacksaw Producers Plan Broken Arrow

Producer David Permut (“Hacksaw Ridge,” “Face/Off”) has reportedly acquired the film rights to Joel Dobson’s nuclear bomb thriller novel “The Goldsboro Broken Arrow”.

Dobson’s book deals with the formerly classified events that took place in 1961, during President John F. Kennedy’s first day in office, when four pilots ejected out of a B-52 aircraft flying at 9,000 feet carrying two thermonuclear bombs.

The plane was struck multiple times by lightning and lost a wing, one pilot dying in the process. The two bombs fell at a velocity of 700 mph and crashed into Goldsboro, North Carolina and it was unclear if the fail-safe mechanism on the bombs was still working – so there was no guarantee that they could be deactivated.

Twenty-two-year-old Lt. Jack ReVelle, a bomb disposal expert, was charged with the dangerous mission of deactivating the bombs which had enough power each to wipe out anything within a radius of eight miles.

Mike Alfieri and Sterling Macer will produce while ReVelle will participate as a technical consultant. A writer is currently being sought to adapt the story. The term referring to a lost nuclear bomb was made famous by the John Travolta and Christian Slater-led 1996 film “Broken Arrow”.

Source: Variety