Gustin Shoots Down “Flash” Rivalry Talk

It seems it wasn’t until the “DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League” special this week that some people got the memo that the upcoming big screen take on “The Flash” will NOT be tied to the small screen version which has been such a success for The CW.

This led to people talking on social media about how they want to see TV “Flash” actor Grant Gustin in the film instead, even going so far as to suggest Gustin was not a fan of big screen “Flash” actor Ezra Miller. Gustin quickly responded to the latter claims, posting this tweet shutting down the online hate:

The film version of “The Flash” is set to debut in cinemas on March 23rd 2018, but Miller will make his debut as the character in next year’s “Justice League Part One”. Gustin’s “The Flash” is currently in the midst of its second season on The CW network.