Gustin On Barry’s Rebirth In “The Flash” S4

The CW’s “The Flash” has gotten progressively darker with each year, culminating in the third season that was arguably the weakest of the show’s run so far. Part of that was the far too late reveal of its ‘big bad’, but mostly it was that the titular Barry Allen acted like a selfish jerk for many episodes.

Actor Grant Gustin, who plays Barry on the series, has agreed with the criticism and tells Cinema Blend that Barry’s time in the Speed Force will lead him to him becoming a changed man – one who isn’t actively messing up the lives of everyone around him. In fact, he sees Barry, the main one (not just the alternate future one), as the chief villain of the third season:

“We were going to be the lighter, funnier show. And you know, sometimes storylines just take you where they take you. I think just because of all the time travel that Barry Allen did, and all the repercussions it had, it took us down the “Flashpoint” road, if you will.

We really didn’t do “Flashpoint” for long, but we dealt with the repercussions for an entire season. Barry wasn’t only the big bad at the end of the year, but he was kind of the villain of the season because it was his fault that everything happened.

So we’re going to get back to our roots a little bit, and because of this experience in the Speed Force, Barry’s able to let go of things and move on, and he’s able to help the team move on, and the show can get back to its original roots where Barry enjoys having these powers and has fun, and the whole team has a little bit more fun.”

The new season will see Barry joined by a new hero, Elongated Man, and take on a villain who is finally not a speedster – The Thinker. “The Flash” returns on The CW on October 10th.