Gunn Thanks You For “Guardians” Success

“Guardians of the Galaxy” became the highest-grossing 2014 film in North America this weekend, and is expected to pass $300 million domestically before it closes out its run.

Combined with the stellar reviews from the critics and the public, it still seems amazing a film based on a widely unknown property and featuring a talking raccoon and tree became the juggernaut it has.

Following the milestone yesterday, and a recent io9 article which attributes the film’s success to it being “funny,” director James Gunn posted a statement on Facebook:

“To quote my favorite little monstrosity, ‘Oh… Yeah.’ And although io9 may be right, that people like the movie because it’s funny, I like to believe it’s because WE GAVE A S–T.

You aren’t numbers to us. You deserve to be given something we the creators believe in and that isn’t just seeking a big opening weekend. I love my characters, I care about the quality of the movie, and Marvel was cool enough to let us take some risks.

Hopefully, THAT’S the lesson – that we’ll see more spectacle movies coming out of Hollywood that the filmmakers actually believe in, and that take risks, NOT just a bunch of superhero or space movies trying to be funny.”

Also today, a video is up of Karen Gillan chopping off all her hair to play Nebula in the film. Before taking on the role, the Scottish actress was best known for her long red locks on “Doctor Who” so this was kind of a big deal to several fandoms when it happened.