Guillermo del Toro Reduces “Beast” Plans

Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has reduced his commitment to Warner Brothers’ live-action “Beauty and the Beast” adaptation. Originally slated to direct, instead he will now simply produce the film alongside Denise DiNovi.

Scheduling conflicts have been reported as the reason for del Toro’s departure from the film which has had “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson attached as the lead since 2012.

The studio is also in competition with Disney on its live-action musical adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” which Bill Condon is onboard to direct. There’s also the TV series of the same name currently running, and a recent lavish French language adaptation that starred Vincent Cassel.

Del Toro is in post-production on his gothic romance spook house drama “Crimson Peak” and his new TV series “The Strain” premieres next month on FX.

Source: Deadline