Guggenheim Updates “Lantern 2,” “Flash”

Playwright Michael Goldenberg tells Newsarama that “The Flash” film is still in early stages, but a “Green Lantern” sequel is moving along fast.

Guggenheim along with co-writers Greg Berlanti and Michael Green have “turned in the treatment for ‘Flash’ and we’re talking about ‘Green Lantern 2’.” Guggenheim had performed a re-write on the first ‘Lantern’ film and as a result was hired to pen outlines for both its sequel and ‘Flash’ back in June. Last month he was hired to pen the full script for the ‘Lantern’ sequel.

Now it seems both outlines are in, freeing him up to get to work on the first drafts of the second ‘Lantern’ film. Greg Berlanti originally pitched the ‘Lantern’ films as a trilogy, but Guggenheim says he’s not concentrating on a third one at all at this point.

Meanwhile in regards to ‘Flash’, he says “nothing’s planned” in terms of sequels or potential franchises as they’re taking it “very much one step at a time” and the script won’t be started on for a while yet let alone the film.