Guggenheim Talks Barry Allen In “Flash”

“The Flash” screenwriter Marc Guggenheim tells MTV News that there’s a good reason they’ve chosen to use the original Barry Allen incarnation of the character for the upcoming film adaptation.

“It’s very similar for the whole reason we went with Hal for the Green Lantern. That’s the Silver Age character. That’s the character people grew up on. That’s the name first associated with that character. So part of it is honoring the legacy aspect, and the other aspect is just practical – you can go forward, but you can’t really go backward. You can’t start with Kyle Rayner, and then do a movie with Hal Jordan” says Guggenheim.

He adds “Just from a practical standpoint, I feel it’s better to go in a linear, generational fashion than it is to double back – which is not to say that Kyle and Wally aren’t phenomenal versions of the character. They are, and they are near and dear to my heart. We just have to get up to them.”

Guggenheim also says the villain Chunk will not appear in this first movie.