Guess Which “Expendables” Are A Couple

It turns out that a throwaway gag at the end of “The Expendables 3” wasn’t as throwaway as expected. Apparently the macho action thriller sequel features a gay couple, and it isn’t hunky newbies played by Kellan Lutz or Glen Powell.

Nope. Rather it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li’s characters. Didn’t see that coming did you?


In one the film’s final scenes, Jet Li’s Yin Yang, Schwarzenegger’s Trench and Stallone’s Barney Ross characters are in a bar celebrating and commiserating together. Buzzfeed describes the scene as follows:

“So, you’re working for Trench now?” Ross asks Yang, who responds by just shooting Trench a knowing look and a smile. As Ross turns to walk away, Trench and Yang lean in even closer to each other, grinning so widely, they almost start to giggle.

“You guys want to get a room?” asks Ross.

“We don’t need a room!” Trench says with a laugh. He pulls Yang in close, Yang rests his head on Trench’s chest, and the two of them laugh contentedly.

As Ross walks away, Trench exclaims, “So jealous!”

And that is it. It’s a blink and you’ll miss it scene. Is the site over reading a joke? Not according to the film’s director Patrick Hughes. Grantland interviewer Matt Patches asked Hughes straight out if Trench and Yang are a couple.

Hughes’ response is surprising: “I believe they are,” the interviewer adding that Hughes gave the response “like he just got away with something amazing”. Patches adds that it’s a “glorious moments of subversion” and asks the question “did the former-Governator just silently flip off Prop 8?”.

Either way, it’s an interesting bit of stereotype shattering.

Source: The Huffington Post