“Guardians Vol. 3” Sets Up Decades Of Films

Marvel’s post third-phase plans for its MCU remain decidedly vague with the only known projects so far being the third “Guardians of the Galaxy” and second “Spider-Man: Homecoming” films.

James Gunn has previously admitted that his third ‘Guardians’ isn’t just a trilogy capper, but also sets up elements of the next phase. In a new interview on Facebook Live, he adds that the film will go further than that and will set up the MCU for the next two decades along with introducing key characters live Nova:

“Yes, definitely. Nova comes up occasionally as someone we might use. One of the things I’m doing with creating ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,’ it will take place after the next two Avengers movies and it will help to set up the next 10, 20 years of Marvel movies. It’s going to really expand the cosmic universe. We’re going to be setting up new characters. It will be the last movie of this version of Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Meanwhile, Disney Movies Anywhere has posted a second gag reel from the second ‘Guardians’ to tie-in with the movie’s home video release.