Guardians Vol 2 Set Vid, Cut Scene, New Faces

A couple of brief updates on James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2” at Marvel Studios which is currently in the midst of principal photography in Atlanta.

Kurt Russell, Elizabeth Debicki, Tommy Flanagan, and Chris Sullivan will join the returning regulars from the first film, and CBM claims to have found out the roles that all but Russell will be playing – Debicki is Ayesha, Flanagan is Tullk, and Chris Sullivan is Taserface.

Next up, the film’s star Chris Pratt has offered a new set video showing him piloting the Milano on his own on the film’s set. Check that out below.

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Finally, James Gunn shared a photo from a scene in the first film that landed on the cutting room floor. That photo, dubbed “Groot’s Last Supper,” can be seen below and comes from the end of the sequence where Drax & Rocket are getting drunk together and cheering on the F’saki chasing the Orloni.

The ‘Guardians’ sequel opens next May.