Guardians Trailer, “Runaways” Film News

The Alberta Film Ratings Board have confirmed that they have classified the first trailer for Marvel’s intergalactic adventure ensemble tale “Guardians of the Galaxy”. The PG-rated trailer has a 2:23 running time. Listings on the board website usually indicate a trailer is set to arrive anytime within the next few days to weeks.

In related Marvel news, screenwriter Drew Pearce tells The Playlist that there’s still hope that the film adaptation of the comic “Runaways”, which he scripted, will eventually happen:

“I think we ended up with a script that was really exciting for the Marvel Universe. It’s something I know is still something that Kevin [Feige] is still very fond of and think could be a great movie.

Whether it shows up in the Marvel Universe is a different question because I feel like ‘Runaways’ is somewhat more of a marketing challenge, as opposed to here is one guy who the movie is named after. It’s a lot easier to market ‘Dr. Strange’ than to market ‘Runaways.'”

Pearce adds that should “Guardians of the Galaxy” be a success, the chances are much more likely:

“Hopefully ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ will be a gigantic hit and that will open up the Marvel Universe to more team-based projects and I hope that ‘Runaways’ might then be afforded more of a chance.”