Guardians Sequel To Shoot Feb 2016

Following his comments last week discussing the early state of the script, filmmaker James Gunn has now spoken a bit more about the “Guardians of the Galaxy” sequel with social media service Periscope.

The first film was primarily shot at Shepperton Studios in the United Kingdom, however the new one will be based out of Pinewood Studios in Atlanta where “Ant-Man” was shot and the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” will be filmed. Shooting on the next film is slated to begin February 2016.

Gunn confirmed that he’s turned in a treatment for the film, had a meeting about the movie this week, and will start working on the full screenplay next week. That said, there probably won’t be that much to do. Gunn’s treatment, or “pre-draft version” of the script is “very, very far along” and currently says that it clocks in at seventy pages.

According to him, the entire film has already been plotted out, now it’s just a case of translating it into screenplay format and writing the dialogue. Gunn has also confirmed that not only will Karen Gillan’s Nebula return, he says he may have found a way for her to appear without the former “Doctor Who” actress having to shave her head again.

“Guardians of the Galaxy 2” is currently slated for a May 5th 2017 release.