Guardians of the Galaxy Gets IMAX Sneak Peek

Marvel Studios has announced that an IMAX 3D first look at “Guardians of the Galaxy” will take place on July 7th. Seventeen minutes of exclusive footage from the highly anticipated blockbuster will be screened in 150 IMAX theatre locations across North America at 7pm that day.

In a statement, director James Gunn says: “We’ve re-mastered some of our epic sequences into the IMAX 3D format, taking the scope and scale to new heights while creating a truly immersive, cinematic experience that will take you further into the Marvel Universe than ever before.”

Tickets are free and are available now for U.S. and Canadian screenings on a first-come, first-served basis through

In other ‘Guardians’ news, Nathan Fillion has gone to Twitter to deny reports about his role in the upcoming ‘Guardians’, specifically rumors he’s playing the Russian cosmonaut dog Cosmo. He says: “With so much inaccurate ‘news’ about my involvement in GOTG, I’m actually losing faith in the internet. I’m not Cosmo.”