Guardians of the Galaxy Art, Toy Spoilers

A new piece of apparent promo art for Marvel’s upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” was spotted in Brazil. There isn’t an official one-sheet for the film just yet. Rather this looks like more like a promotional tie-in element, though director James Gunn has tweeted that he’s not sure what it is (though thinks it’s fan art).

Speaking of ‘Guardians’, a list of Hasbro’s toy tie-ins for the movie has popped up on Collider. In the process it seems to hint at the appearance of two characters not linked to the film so far.


The first is ‘Iron Man’, which could refer to a potential cameo by Downey’s Tony Stark. Just as likely though it’s a tie-in toy that’s just being made as a cash-in rather than based on an actual appearance.

The other is ‘Nova’ (aka. Richard Rider), who is essentially Marvel’s answer to DC’s “Green Lantern”. We do know the Nova Corps are a part of the film, will we see this superhero as well?