Guardians Dumps Stan Lee For Superbowl?

With the big game not far away, the expensive film-related TV spots we can expect to see during the broadcast of Super Bowl XLVIII have been outlined.

Paramount has a “Transformers: Age of Extinction” commercial, Sony has “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” and Lionsgate has a pre-game “Draft Day” spot.

Disney is also committed to one advertisement, but is now said to be shopping for up to two more additional spots as other advertisers drop out. The price for each spot? $4.4 million.

Disney is tossing up between three of its films to promote – “Need for Speed,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

If Marvel’s ‘Guardians’ does get a spot, it will be high-profile as it will be the first official footage released from the project. It doesn’t guarantee success though, Disney’s costly spots for “John Carter” and “The Lone Ranger” didn’t help either film at the domestic box-office.

In other ‘Guardians’ news, Marvel legend Stan Lee has confirmed he will NOT be appearing in the upcoming film. Lee was asked by Dweebcast if he was in the film, to which he said: “No, I’m afraid not, that’s the one group I didn’t create. I didn’t write Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m not even sure who they all are. I can’t wait to see the movie.”

It’s not the first Marvel film Lee has had to opt out of. He didn’t appear in “X-Men: First Class,” “The Wolverine,” or the “Punisher” or “Ghost Rider” films.

Source: THR