Guadagnino On “Suspiria” Sequel & Post-Credits

Guadagnino On Suspiria Sequel Post Credits

The recent trailer for Luca Guadagnino’s upcoming remake of “Suspiria” suggests the film will be going beyond the original movie’s brief and delve into the ‘Three Mothers’ mythology that was spread across Dario Argento’s films.

Argento’s original films revolved around three powerful witches – Mater Tenebrarum (Mother of Darkness), Mater Lachrymarum (Mother of Tears) and Mater Suspiriorum (Mother of Sighs) – with each only appearing once in one of three of his films – 1977’s “Suspiria,” 1980’s “Inferno” and 2007’s “The Mother of Tears”.

The original “Suspiria” worked effectively as a standalone, but with the new film’s much roomier 152-minute runtime it begs the question as to whether there will be setups or hints for a sequel in this. Guadagnino tells Deadline that he’s certainly open to the possibility:

“At the beginning we were going to title the movie Suspiria: Part One but we didn’t want to give the impression of something that couldn’t stand alone. Truthfully, I’d be interested to explore the origin of Madame Blanc and Helena Markos and also the future of Suzy Bannion in the world. So maybe. We’ll have to see how the movie goes.”

He also confirms there’s an after-credits sequence – one in which a “character is looking forward towards something”. The question is whether the film will be profitable enough to do a sequel. Costing a quite economical $20 million, the film doesn’t have to make much to be a hit – but the long runtime filled with what is reportedly some truly disturbing and unrelenting horrific imagery will probably prevent the film from being widely embraced even if the critics adore it.

We’ll get an idea of the reaction this weekend after the film premieres at the Venice Film Festival ahead of its U.S. theatrical release starting October 26th. Check out the just released official poster for the film below: