Gruffudd Talks Fantastic Reshoots

He’s gone from hornblowing to blue spandex, but Ioan Gruffudd doesn’t seem to have any complaints playing Mr. Fantastic in the “Fantastic Four” film franchise.

The first film famously underwent massive reshoots before its release, and word came the other day that the upcoming sequel “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” was also about to undergo some reshoots of it own. Don’t expect anything as drastic this time though.

“I am actually going to do some re-shoots this weekend but nothing too drastic so it is just picking up the stills, a lot more green screen in this one,” he explains to iF Magazine.

“So who knows what they are looking for? I think no news is good news actually in this circumstance. I think we would certainly know, we would be working on it sooner if there were problem with it. I mean I don’t think we are shooting any of the ending” he adds.

Will there be a third film? “I am sure they would love to make another one. I am sure it is incumbent on how well it does this summer. It is a very competitive marketplace this summer with Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Pirates, so who knows. We shot it in such a way that of course you could go on to another adventure”.