Grindhouse Kills Sin City Sequel?

Out doing promotions for his new film “Bordergate,” actor Michael Madsen brought up the topic of both Robert Rodriguez’s “Sin City 2” and Quentin Tarantino’s WW2 opus “Inglorious Bastards” in an interview with Premiere Magazine.

Whilst Tarantino is still typing away on the ‘Bastards’ script, the real revelation are comments about the ‘Sin’ sequel which isn’t moving as well as fans were hoping:

“They haven’t shot it yet. I don’t know if they ever will. I am not sure [about] the franchise. I think the Grindhouse thing didn’t kind of work out… I don’t know what effect that is going to have on making Sin City 2” said Madsen.

He adds that the only reason he did his small role in the first film “was because Robert Rodriguez said that if I took that little part I would get a bigger role in the sequel, that Bob would have more to do in the sequel.”

And as for that sequel, which was said to begin filming next month – “I haven’t seen the script for Sin City 2. I don’t know if they are gonna make it. I hope they do. And if and when they do, I will be in it.”