Grindhouse Gets A Double Serve

Seems all us overseas people don’t understand the concept of the sleazy movie theatre – surprising news to me considering I’ve visited theaters where you’re lucky if that’s a choc top stain you’re sitting on.

So the Weinsteins, who’re releasing the upcoming Tarantino/Rodriguez “Grindhouse” double feature, have decided that non-English speaking countries will get the two films separately ala “Kill Bill”.

The films will apparently feature ‘additional footage’ and be released several months apart, though which one comes first is undecided at present. No word on how the fake trailers in the middle will be worked into these.

Meanwhile people’s attempts at faux “Grindhouse” trailers have started popping up on YouTube. Amongst the highlights are “Cong of the Dead” about zombies in the Vietnam War, “Camp Burlesque” and the simply conceived “Hobo With A Shotgun” which are convincing period recreations, and post-apocalyptic chicks in leather and armed kicking hungry mutant ass in “Kitty Kat Daniels vs. The Nuclear Cannibals”.

The win so far though has to go the very cool and professional looking “Maiden of Death”. A guitar chick makes a deal with the devil to get revenge – in all of 100 seconds I was supremely more entertained than I was throughout all two hours of the just plain silly “Ghost Rider” this weekend. I mean c’mon, the girl slices a speeding car in half with a circular saw built into her guitar.

Always thought that AbFab idea of “Bond Meets Black Emmanuelle” would make a good “Grindhouse” flick.