Griffiths To Return To “Constantine”?

Though she starred in the pilot, actress Lucy Griffiths was dumped from NBC’s “Constantine” after the network and showrunners decided to ditch plans for her character Liv to be a love interest for Matt Ryan’s title character John Constantine.

Instead, Angelica Celaya came onboard as the quite different Zed in the supernatural series based on the “Hellblazer” comics. Now though, executive producers David Goyer & Daniel Cerone tell Zap2It that the door remains open for Griffiths’ potential return further down the line. Cerone says:

“In terms of whether she’ll be back, she’s part of the foundation of the show, As we dig deeper into the season, as we start talking about possible arcs for next season, there’s an opening there. If there’s an organic reason to bring her back into the story, we’d love to.”

Goyer meanwhile went on to say they’re the ones to blame for the character not going anywhere: “The character was flawed in its conception, and obviously we’re to blame for that.”