Grey’s Controversial Cast Drop

The ABC network has ordered that actress Brooke Smith, who plays Dr. Eric Hahn on the popular show “Grey’s Anatomy”, leave the series says Entertainment Weekly.

The decision was not creator Shonda Rhimes but rather ABC executives who reportedly “had issues” with both the explicit direction Hahn’s relationship with Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) was taking and with the Hahn character in general.

The character will not get a proper goodbye but rather her final scenes will be her headed out to her car on this Thursday’s episode. At the same time, a new character played by Aussie actress Melissa George came on to the show as a bisexual and love interest for Callie – but now has been changed to be heterosexual.

The double header has many crying foul of homophobia amongst the network top brass, so much so that Rhimes had to issue a statement “Sara Ramirez is an incredible comedic and dramatic actress and we wanted to be able to play up her magic. Unfortunately, we did not find that the magic and chemistry with Brooke’s character would sustain in the long run. The impact of the Callie/Erica relationship will be felt and played out in a story for Callie. I believe it belittles the relationship to simply replace Erica.”