“Grey’s Anatomy” & “Station 19” To Converge

Greys Anatomy Station 19 To Converge

Show crossovers are nothing out of the ordinary, but ABC is going one step further this Fall.

The upcoming sixteenth season of “Grey’s Anatomy” and third season of “Station 19” are set to crossover next year, but not just for one or two episodes – rather for the whole season.

‘Grey’s’ showrunner Krista Vernoff takes over “Station 19” next season and says: “People can expect crossover event between these series every week.” The plan is to create a shared universe in which storylines are kept fluid and characters will seamlessly move back and forth between both shows each episode.

Two recent crossover events between the two shows earned saw ABC win the Thursday primetime slot among adults 18-49. “Station 19” will return mid-season rather than in the Fall.

Source: Deadline