Gremlins Sequel To Be An Actual Sequel?

Following in the wake of films like “Jurassic World” and “Tron: Legacy” – it seems the long rumored “Gremlins” reboot won’t be a reboot after all – rather a continuation decades after the franchise began.

Speaking at a Q&A following a screening of the original 1984 “Gremlins” at London’s Prince Charles Cinema this week, original star Zach Galligan says the new film, which hired a new writer earlier this year, won’t be a remake but rather a proper sequel to the first two films due to the wishes of Chris Columbus, who wrote the original and is producing the new one:

“It’s not going to be a reboot. It will not be a remake in any way, shape, or form. Chris Columbus has come out and said that the first film is very near and dear to his heart and as long as he is alive it will never be remade.

So the only thing they will be – and apparently are going to be – doing is something along the lines of like Jurassic World, where it will be 30 years later.”

Columbus had previously been reluctant to do the film because everyone was suggesting a reboot to him, but at last report he was “approached with an idea that really sounded like an interesting version… it’s not a remake of the movie at all, it’s just a reinvention of it” at the time.

Source: Games Radar