Gregory Smith Set For Three Features

Gregory Smith (TV’s “Everwood”) has locked down three film roles says The Hollywood Reporter.

First is Jim Sheridan’s thriller “Dream House” for Morgan Creek and Universal Pictures.

The psychological thriller follows a man (Daniel Craig) who moves his family into what appears to be the perfect home but turns out to be the scene of the murder of a mother and her two children.

Smith plays a punk rocker obsessed with the case. Filming is underway in Toronto.

Then comes Chaz Thorne’s Canadian independent drama “Whirligig” in which Smith plays a young man who must return home and live with his parents after hitting rock bottom.

He soon finds comfort with his married neighbor and befriends her adopted 12-year old Vietnamese son. Shooting will take place in Halifax, Canada.

Finally there’s Josh Stolberg’s “Conception” follows nine couples who grapple with romance and pregnancy. Smith enters a relationship with a divorced woman (Julie Bowen) who has a child.

Filming kicks off this month in Los Angeles.