Greg Nicotero Designing The New “Spawn”

Greg Nicotero Designing The New Spawn

Famed make-up and effects specialist Greg Nicotero (“The Walking Dead”) has been hired to handle the design on Todd McFarlane’s new “Spawn” film adaptation.

Nicotero and his KNB EFX company, who also worked together on the 1997 “Spawn” movie, are back for the new take with plans to “re-invent the Spawn ‘look’ so it will match the supernatural theme in the movie” says McFarlane.

In the comics, Spawn is a human-turned-Hellspawn who possesses superhuman strength and speed, and near immortality. Jamie Foxx has been cast as Spawn and Jeremy Renner will play Twitch in the new film, which marks McFarlane’s feature directorial debut.

Source: Variety