Greg Berlanti Chases “The Flash”?

Don’t feel sorry for him missing out on “Green Lantern” as filmmaker Greg Berlanti is now apparently the top contender to direct “The Flash” for Warner Bros. Pictures says

Berlanti (TV’s “Brothers And Sisters,” “The Broken Hearts Club”) was one of the writers and producers on “Green Lantern” and was originally attached to direct before Martin Campbell came onboard. The studio however was apparently so impressed with Berlanti ‘s early work on ‘Lantern’ that he’s now front-runner status to helm “The Flash”.

Berlanti would mark at least the fourth potential helmer of the ‘Flash’ film with David Goyer, Shawn Levy and David Dobkin previously linked to the job but all apparently dropped out. Ryan Reynolds, who is playing the Green Lantern, was previously tipped to play The Flash when Goyer was attached.