Greengrass’ Hendrix Biopic Back in Action

Paul Greengrass’ long in gestation biopic about rock Jimi Hendrix seems to be picking up steam again at Legendary Pictures.

Four years ago the filmmaker attempted to go forward on the film, but backed off when he did not receive the co-operation of the estate of the late musician.

That patience has now paid off with Legendary and Experience Hendrix coming to an agreement that will see the film become what aims to be the officially sanctioned film about the psychedelically dressed guitar virtuoso and rock icon who died at just 27 in 1970.

With that co-operation, Hendrix’s best known tunes like Purple Haze and Foxy Lady will now be used as part of the film.

Scott Silver (“8 Mile,” “The Fighter”) has been set to write the script and negotiations are in various stages for Greengrass to direct and Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Janie Hendrix, John McDermott, and Peter Afterman to produce

Source: Deadline