Greengrass’ “Fantastic Voyage” Goes Handheld

Get ready to bring a vomit bag because you’re going to need it.

Producer Jon Landau tells Sci-Fi Wire that talks with “Bourne Ultimatum” and “Green Zone” director Paul Greengrass about him directing the 3D remake of 1960s sci-fi movie “Fantastic Voyage” are going well – “We had a very good conversation with Paul yesterday. We’re still progressing along that…”

The bad news? Greengrass will bring his manic shaky cam style with him – “I think for certain scenes [he will use handheld cameras]. What Paul likes about the movie is that it gives him an opportunity to do something that he hasn’t really done that much of, designing this world and playing to that.”

The idea of a more gritty and grounded take on the subject matter is great, but Greengrass’ often incoherent camera work and rapid editing style are a complete anathema to comfortable 3D viewing which requires steady, long takes to give the brain time to adjust to the depth. So will the 3D element be ditched or will Greengrass adjust his personal style to fit the medium? We’ll see.