Greengrass, Carnahan On Projects

Two leading film directors got chatting with CHUD‘s pansexual casanova Devin Faraci about recent rumors regarding their two projects.

First up, “Bourne” sequels director Paul Greengrass confirmed that while he had been talking about taking over “The Trial of the Chicago 7” from Steven Spielberg, the timing didn’t work out and so he won’t be involved. Greengrass is presently editing his Iraq war drama “Green Zone” with Matt Damon.

Meanwhile “Narc” and “Smokin’ Aces” director Joe Carnahan confirmed reports earlier this week that Javier Bardem has dropped out of his drug kingpin biopic “Killing Pablo”, but that departure happened a while back and he’s already replaced him with Edgar Ramirez (“Bourne Ultimatum,” “Vantage Point”).

Carnahan adds that Ramirez is taking the role very seriously and may have to pack on anywhere from 35 to 40lbs to play Pablo Escobar.