Greene’s “Fallen Idol” Resurrected

Producer Walter Parkes is lining up a remake of the 1948 Graham Greene-penned feature “The Fallen Idol” which his production company and Studio Canal will develop together reports Deadline.

The Carol Reed-directed original follows Phillipe, a diplomat’s young son who idolises the family butler Baines. In reality Baines is stuck in a loveless marriage and is seeing a younger woman.

After an argument, Baines’ wife accidentally falls from a landing to her death. Phillipe mistakenly believes he has seen Baines deliberately murder her and Phillipe’s attempts to protect Baines only makes matters worse with the police.

The award-winning and Oscar-nominated project is based on Greene’s short story “The Basement Room”. Reed and Green teamed up again a year later to film the more well-known cinematic classic “The Third Man”.

David Farr (“Hanna,” TV’s “Spooks”) is penning the screenplay of the new version which moves the action to modern-day India and follows an 11-year-old American boy whose family will live in a large colonial mansion run by an English couple.

The shift allows them to explore both the sexual awakening themes and the class issues of the short story to better effect, and makes the world outside the house both more alluring and dangerous than the original’s post-war London setting.

Parkes plans to have a script, director, cast and budget in place before going out to financiers.