Green Lantern Sequel Moving Forward?

The critics panned it. The $52 million opening was considered on the soft side, especially for a film of its budget. While the Twitter-verse liked it, but the steep 66% fall to $18.4 million in its second weekend would indicate audiences don’t think much of it either.

In spite of all this, Warner Bros. is reportedly already planning a sequel to the Ryan Reynolds-led superhero film “Green Lantern” says The Hollywood Reporter.

The studio’s president of domestic distribution claims “the movie is settling in” and points out the drop of fanboy films can often be high. Yet “Thor” and “X-Men: First Class” saw falls of 47% & 56% respectively in their second weekends.

Also, unlike those films, the movie has decidedly underwhelmed overseas in the various markets where it has been released – the film being trashed by the one-two punch of “Cars 2” and the delayed opening of “Kung Fu Panda 2”. It still, however, has yet to open in some territories.

So are the chances of a sequel likely, or will this be one of those “Tron 3” scenarios where the studio keep saying they’ll do it (to keep interest in ‘Legacy’ up) but you know it almost certainly won’t happen?

Warners has been pegging its hopes on the DC brand to be its big cash cow post-Potter, and you know it wants the franchise to work. It seems almost inevitable that ‘Lantern’ will exist again on the big screen, though him being a part of a “Justice League” film or a quick to follow reboot (ala “The Incredible Hulk”) seem more likely scenarios than a straight up sequel at this point.

For now even the studio will wait for the disc revenues to come in before a decision