“Green Lantern” Reboot In Development?

Nearly eight years on, the “Green Lantern” film remains one of the most infamously terrible comic book movie adaptations of the modern era. The Ryan Reynolds-led film was so bad that it remains a pop culture joke to this day, as seen in “Deadpool 2,” and so the studio has long struggled to decide how to revamp the property.

‘Lantern’ remains one of the most prominent DC Comics heroes and in recent years there have often been rumors of the team movie “Green Lantern Corps.” starring several of the numerous versions of the character – namely Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart. David Goyer’s name has long been attached and at last report, he and Justin Rhodes were penning a script.

Today, Deadline reports that DC chief and producer-writer Geoff Johns is working on a script that will reinvent the property for the screen, but details on this new take are scant. The trade then goes on to suggest Grant Morrison’s newest incarnation of the Emerald Crusader may be the best suited for the screen – this version painting Hal Jordan as a disaffected astronaut turned U.S. Marshal-style lone-wolf hero.

At present, the studio hasn’t officially announced any DC Comics-inspired projects heading into production past mid-2020 aside from Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” which is rumored to begin shooting this Fall.