Green Lantern Don’t Come Cheap

Warners is hoping to replace its outgoing “Harry Potter” franchise with its stable of DC comics characters. Financially though, it’s not coming cheap.

A new The New York Times report indicates that “Green Lantern”, Warners intergalactic superhero project starring Ryan Reynolds, has cost an estimated $300 million to make and market.

That’s a staggering figure, much of it going to expensive special effects that were in a race to be completed in time for the release this Friday.

At present the film is on track to open at around $50 million, a little shy of “X-Men: First Class” earlier this month – and that film was considerably cheaper.

The difference is ‘X-Men’ had the benefit of great early reviews and word-of-mouth. Right now there’s no reviews whatsoever for ‘Lantern’ just five days from release – that’s because all reviews are being embargoed until Thursday.

It’s a big gamble, and the film isn’t going out until next month or August in many international territories. A promotional tour looks to be the reason for that, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the film simply wasn’t ready in time to strike an additional few thousand prints for a day-and-date global release.

While international has saved the bacon of certain properties in the past, ‘Lantern’ is a complete unknown overseas unlike X-Men, Spider-Man or Batman. How it travels will depend quite a bit on the reaction coming out of the United States. That reaction will be determined thick and fast this weekend – stay tuned.