Green Inferno Yanked From Release Schedule

Eli Roth’s cannibal horror tale “The Green Inferno,” which was originally scheduled for a September 5th release, has been yanked off the calendar by distributor Open Road Films.

Deadline reports that the reason for this is financier Worldview Entertainment is balking at ex-CEO Christopher Woodrow’s commitment to the film’s prints & advertising campaign.

The release date for Roth’s first directorial outing in six years has been scratched, but the distributor won’t comment further and there’s no word as yet whether the film will either get a theatrical release later, or ultimately go straight-to-VOD & disc.

It’s a surprising move. The film has scored strong reviews from the festivals it has played so far, and it’s a low-cost film in a genre that should very quickly push the movie into profit.

Talks are reportedly underway though to try and figure this out, with another financier or distributor potentially taking on the property.