Green Hornet Sequel Already Planned?

“Green Hornet” screenwriter Evan Goldberg (“Superbad,” “Pineapple Express”) tells The Playlist that even with “The Green Hornet” film still several months off, plans for a sequel are already well into effect.

“We’ve come up with an idea, but who knows… You don’t make a movie like this without considering the sequel. Yeah, we have the whole plot planned out, which is kind of what we would have done in the first place” says Goldberg.

Producer Neil Moritz and director Michel Gondry were much more hesitant to discuss the possibility in recent weeks, only hinting that some ideas had been discussed.

It has also been revealed that Sony was reluctant to hire Gondry at first, but then he shot and presented a fight sequence for the film and “none of us had ever seen anything like it… he came in and blew everyone’s mind away, showing he could do action” says Goldberg.