Green Hornet Alive & With Sandler?

Despite a report last weekend indicating that the project was dying on the vine, it looks as if “The Green Hornet” film is still alive and kicking.

Seth Rogen got in contact with one of the Net’s best online journos, Hitfix‘s Drew McWeeny, and shot down the rumor. He explained that “[The studio heads] have every intention on making it, and assuming we’re able to hire a new director in the upcoming weeks, which seems like a distinct possibilty, it should still hit the release date.”

Rogen also confirmed that the project is still seeking a director. AICN meanwhile adds that Stephen Chow is still connected with the film meaning he’s likely still playing Kato.

Meanwhile The Los Angeles Times says they’ve heard that Adam Sandler has a brief but key role in the movie as a certain surprise superhero,

The project remains on target for a June 25th 2010 release.