Green Goblin Teased In “Silver & Black”?

While the main “Spider-Man: Homecoming” series at Sony Pictures is trying to put the focus on villains from Spidey’s canon that haven’t been on screen before, the upcoming spin-offs look set to play in a familiar pond.

That Hashtag Show reports that the Green Goblin himself, Norman Osborn, will have a presence in the team-up film “Silver and Black”.

The report suggests he won’t actually appear on-screen, but his voice will be heard and will set up the character for future films. It’s being reportedly done in a way that allows the studio to cast someone in the role at a later date.

Additionally, Osborn Chemical Senior Vice-President Charles Standish will apparently show up in the movie as Norman’s representative. Previously the role of Norman Osborn has been played by both Willem Dafoe and Chris Cooper.

Recent rumors have suggested several baddies from Spider-Man canon will show up to take on the film’s heroines Black Cat and Silver Sable. No word as to when the film will begin production.

Source: CBM