Greedo Still Shoots First In “Star Wars”

The first six “Star Wars” films are coming to Digital HD formats within the next few hours, yet there hasn’t been a big level of excitement regarding them considering that many expected the prints to be the same as the Special Edition cuts seen in the 2011 Blu-ray editions.

Today though came a rumor that suggested that wasn’t the case. Badass Digest first reported that Fox and Lucasfilm might have made one key edit for fans – the controversial change by George Lucas regarding Han Solo and Greedo in the original 1977 film has been removed.

The scene in the original theatrical cut of the film had the bounty hunter Greedo confronting Han Solo about Jabba the Hutt. Solo proceeds to shoot him. When the ‘Special Edition’ came around, the scene was changed to include a shot of Greedo shooting first, Han’s head moving out of the way and then Han firing back.

It’s not just an awkward FX shot, it’s a moment that undermines Han Solo’s character and as a result was met with much anger from fans. It also lead to the famous phrase ‘Han Shot First’. According to the rumors, while all the other Special Edition changes otherwise remain intact – this scene was changed back to the theatrical version.

It seems like a non-story really, but there’s a surprisingly large amount of discussion about this online today. So much so I had to check it out myself. It’s very early morning Friday here in Australia and the film series just became available on digital services a few hours ago. Picking up a copy of ‘A New Hope’ on iTunes, I jumped ahead to the scene and sadly there’s been no change. The Digital HD versions are the same as the Blu-rays, and Greedo still shoots first.

So much for a ‘new hope’ as it were. B.A.D. has since adjusted their story with a follow-up which indicates that the change may have been made to a 4K remaster of the original trilogy, but as to when we’ll see that 4K remaster is anyone’s guess.