“Greatest Showman” Gets A Live TV Commercial

This time last year you couldn’t talk movies without “La La Land” working its way into conversation for all the right reasons – those involved were proudly showing off the movie as much as they could.

Cut to this year and the big musical feature hitting screens tomorrow, the Hugh Jackman-led P.T. Barnum musical biopic “The Greatest Showman,” is meeting only silence. The film has screened for only a few media and all involved are under strict review and social media embargoes until hours before the film’s release.

The film’s soundtrack has popped up on music services and some of the tracks have been met with a good reception, even so there’s not much buzz at this point. So to try and sell people on it, those involved did something on Sunday that hadn’t been done before – film a live television commercial.

Aided by 150 dancers, Jackman led cast members Zendaya, Zac Efron, and Keala Settle performing the upbeat musical number ‘Come Alive’ on the stages at the Warner Bros Studios in Burbank with the result airing during the Sunday night premiere of “A Christmas Story: Live”. That commercial has now gone online, check it out below.

“The Greatest Showman” opens in cinemas on Wednesday.