“Greatest American Hero” Remake Tries Again

ABC has handed out a put pilot commitment for a half-hour single-camera re-imagining of Steven J. Cannell’s 1981 cult classic series “The Greatest American Hero”.

The key change with the new version is that the titular hero won’t be a curly haired blond white man named Ralph (William Katt), but rather a Cleveland-born 30-year-old Indian-American woman named Meera.

Like the original, aliens entrust her with a super suit to protect the planet, and the world has never been in more unreliable hands. Two previous attempts were made in recent years to revive the property, neither came to fruition.

20th Century Fox TV and ABC Studios are behind this version with “Fresh Off the Boat” writer-producer Rachna Fruchbom along with Cannell’s daughter Tawnia McKiernan, Mandy Summers and Nahnatchka Khan all set to executive produce.

Source: Deadline